Misconceptions About Replacement Windows

Misconceptions About Replacement Windows
There are some things that homeowners should know so that they can feel more comfortable about replacing windows. When the time comes to replace windows it is an expensive proposition and you want to make sure you are picking the right windows for your home.
You may or may not have heard about U-value. This is the measurement for the amount of heat transfer through a window. A low U-value means that there is not much heat transfer across the window. This is a good thing, but not the only measurement that should be considered when checking the energy performance of a window. Two other good measurements are the solar heat gain coefficient and visible light transmittance. It will depend on where you live which of these measurements is the most important for your windows Olympia.
There is also a belief that if you replace your windows you will have to use vinyl frames. Vinyl frames are very popular, but they are not the only choice. If you live in an older home and want to maintain the integrity of the house you could choose to use clad/wood windows. These types of windows are energy efficient. If you are living in one of these homes there are likely pockets that your current window fit into. The new windows can be installed in these pockets without disturbing the existing trim. The exterior of the windows Olympia will be vinyl or aluminum to protect them from the elements, but the interior side will look like the old windows.
Wood has the best thermal properties. However, fiberglass is new to the market of replacement windows. It has been found to have thermal properties similar to wood. Fiberglass is also stronger than vinyl or aluminum and paintable. It will, however, cost more than the vinyl or aluminum.
The biggest misconception people have about replacing windows is that anyone can do it. It may not be the most difficult project, but it does require some skills. If a replacement window is not put in properly it will leak and allow drafts. If a window is not installed correctly it can also make the window difficult to open and close. There are many more companies that specialize in replacing windows than there used to be. Do some research on the different types of replace windows Olympia available and see which will be the best choice for your home. Get several different quotes before making your final decision.