Tips For Growing Herbs In Pots

Tips For Growing Herbs In PotsHerbs are that wonderful family of plants that have made life better ever since man first starting cooking food. Moreover, the great thing about herbs is that they are not single dimensional. In addition to making food taste better, they provide medicinal benefits, Fragrant Aromas, and beauty in the form of flowers, leaves, and shrubs. They can control insects without chemicals, and they can make other vegetables like tomatoes taste better just by growing nearby if the herb garden how-to rules are followed.

They are much easier to grow than fruits and vegetables plus they pack a powerful punch in that they do not require much space to produce ample quantities of the desired results. Just one basil or rosemary plant can easily supply a family for many months.

Caution – Growing herb plants can be life-changing. You can easily develop a lifelong love of herbs by incidental contact in the form of maybe having a potted plant from the grocery store in your kitchen for a special purpose or maybe a friend gives you an extra plant they no longer need. Once you experience the exotic aromas and pleasure of having “fresh” herbs available at your fingertips and the improved tastes they provide you will be hooked.

When you get hooked on growing herbs the best and easiest way to get started is by growing them in pots. This can be accomplished both indoors and outside. It is practical, flexible and a space saver. You can grow herbs in your kitchen, on a balcony, on your patio, your front porch, your back porch or in a windowsill box.

If you have selected the growing herbs in pots route then after selection of the particular herb or herbs to be grown there are three things to consider. Soil, light, and water. The soil used in the pots does not need to be super rich, and the plants do not need much fertilizer. It is recommended to prepare a mixture of two parts potting soil and one part sand and place it on top of an inch layer of gravel or broken up stone material in the bottom of the pot. It is also recommended to add a teaspoon of lime to a five-inch pot.

Light is important to growing herbs in pots because care must be taken to place the pots where the plants can receive as much sunshine as possible. Most herb plants need lots of sunlight. So where you live, and the position of your house about which way the sun shines will determine the best locations for your potted herbs. It might be necessary to move them from time to time, and it is well worth the effort.

The third consideration is water. Potted herbs need to water a little more frequently because the water evaporates faster in pots or containers than around in-ground plants. The rule is to water just enough to keep a little moisture in the soil. Most herbs do not need much water, and it is harmful to the plants to be over-watered. Remember that rosemary plants do just fine growing on the faces of cliffs in the Mediterranean area.
Hopefully, after this introduction to the wonderful would of herbs, you will be ready to start growing your herbs in pots.