Top 8 Issues People Experience When Hiring Pool Builders In

Top 8 Issues People Experience When Hiring Pool Builders In Melbourne
We have been analysing piles of customer reviews over the years and have identified 8 common problems that customers have had when dealing with pool builders in Melbourne.
Problem 1: Poor customer service. Poor communication is one of the biggest problems for customers that are buying a pool. When there are some issues, no one return their calls or update customers on the progress. As a result, many customers feeling left out and situation gets hopeless since nobody wants to help to solve the problem. There are also many stories of a careless attitude among some of the pool companies in Melbourne. No one wants to take responsibility for damaged property or material.
Problem 2: Subcontractors (sometimes not licensed). Many pool construction companies sub-contract the work out to non-licensed people that sometimes are very unprofessional and unorganized. Customers sometimes complain about rude behavior from subcontractors and that they are rarely on time.Always ask your pool builder if they use subcontractors. And if they do, make sure these subcontractors are professional and qualified for the job.
Problem 3: Didn’t follow deadlines. This is a common issue that happens to many customers.Sometimes delays can be caused from bad weather and sometimes it’s from poorly organised projects. Some minor delays can be okay if the pool builder keeping customers have the right to know what’s going on in all stages of the construction process.
Problem 5: Workers broke stuff or left a mess. We have heard countless of customers witnessing a mess after the pool has been sure to include a paragraph in the contract that highlights yours and the pool builder’s responsibility to clean up the construction site after job has been ask if there are any hidden fees that you need to be aware of.
Problem 6: Cost ended up higher than expected. This can be caused by several factors. Sometimes it’s the excavation that takes longer then pool contractors wont set a fixed price for the excavation because there are so many factors involved that can affect the cost.Other times there are hidden fees that customers miss to recognise in the contract.
Problem 7: Unprofessional. Stay away from unprofessional pool companies that have poor knowledge about pool choose pool builders that have been in the industry for a long a look if they are members of the Swimming Pool And Spa Association (SPASA) of will increase your chances of dealing with a professional pool builder that is serious about their business and reputation.
Problem 8: No flexibility and options if you want something different. Some pool contractors are not very flexible if customers want to make some changes during the construction you choose a pool service only based on the price, don’t be surprised if you get a simple pool of the shelf made of inferior materials.Customers often want a wide range of options for their pool, which some pool builders simply can’t sure you discuss these requests before you chose a pool builder to work don’t want this type of problems in the middle of the construction process.